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list of my favorite actors & actresses » Marlon Brando

"The only reason I`m in Hollywood is that I don`t have the moral courage to refuse the money."
Happy Birthday Marlon Brando! (April 3, 1924 – July 1, 2004)
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Twitter just blocked in my country!Today our prime minister -oh sorry- DICTATOR Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that “We will eradicate twitter. I don’t care what the international community says. Everyone will witness the power of the Turkish Republic.” And today at 11.30 pm Turkish government has blocked access to twitter! My country just became worse than North Korea! I’m really worried about my future.. If you’re on twitter please use these hashtags and support us: #TwitterisblockedinTurkey #TurkeyBlockedTwitter #ErdoganBlockedTwitter